B-A-M Buffet

Event Archive: On Friday, August 23rd 2019
The ULECx Market held a luncheon entitled
B-A-M Buffet  for the purpose of Birmingham
Christian business leaders to develop meaningful
relationships and to softly connect with The ULECx
Market brand.  A luncheon recap recording and
photo album are included on this page.

This resource has been listed by ULECx Market Partner
Martin A. Briggs CEO/President of The ULECx Market

Full length archived video of the Business As Mission B-A-M Buffet
held at Meal Cafe @ the Church of the Highlands Grandview Campus,
Birmingham, AL Friday, August 23, 2019 11AM – 1PM. With approximately
115 people in attendance, the room was filled to capacity.
Attendees expressed great joy and appreciation for the event.

Video bookmarks:

00:01 – Welcome by Jamie Wilson, Paul Todd, Brittany Thompson, Sarah Garcia, ULECx Market Partners

04:05 – prayer by Diane Covin, Women’s Business Leaders

05:20 – ULECx Market intro by Dr. Kayla L. Briggs, ULECx

08:40 – speaker introductions by Martin A. Briggs, ULECx Speakers 1 – 7

19:55 – Defining Business As Mission by Barrett Merrill, Kuwa Consulting

26:53 – Leading Small Groups at Work by Rob Genin, YBL

34:07 – Business executives taking the lead on Charity by Jenny Waltman, Grace Klein Community (& Construction)

41:00 – Turning ministry passion into a thriving business by Jay Johnson, College Prep U

48:25 – Gaining eternal impact and financial return on investment by Andrew Clark, The Lion’s Den

55:30 – Shared coworking office space by Melvin Airhart, E3 Embassy

1:01:22 – BAM together as a community by Nick Crawford, CommonThread

1:06:47 – Event recap by Martin A. Briggs, The ULECx Market

1:11:00 – Mixtroz greeting and networking by Kerry Schrader, Mixtroz

Thank you to videographer Bob Selby of Selby Media
for doing such a great job with on-site recording and editing.