2020 Monday 10AM Podcast Archive


The following is a listing of the calls we had for 2020:

02-03-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call featuring one
candidate and three events.  Special guest Shella Sylla,
Mike Ash, and Rob Genin

02-03-20 10:30AM Monday Podcast Call: Sales Pipeline
Management Part 1 of 3

02-10-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call featuring Lauren Sisler
multi national award-winning sports broadcaster working with
ESPN, the SEC Network, and AL.com.  Thank you, John Willard,
of Cardinal Roofing, for sponsoring the call!

02-10-20 10:30AM Podcast Call: Sales Pipeline Management part 2 of 3

02-10-10 2PM Podcast Call: Heaven in Business reflection with Matt Wilson,
President Perpetual Lifestyle Planning

02-17-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call Thank
you Leon & Brittany Thompson for being our special guest

02-17-20 10:30AM Podcast Call: Sales Pipeline Management part 3 of 3

02-24-20 10AM Podcast Call: the history and
purpose of the Grace Klein Community from founder Jenny Waltman

02-24-20 10:30AM Podcast Call: 2021 World Games Kickoff

02-29-20 Birmingham Call to Revival Prayer with Al Baker
Saturday, February 29th, 2020 recording

03-02-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call
Movement Birmingham update

03-02-20 10:30AM Podcast Call: 2021 Birmingham
World Games update part 2

03-09-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call featuring
owner Tyler Nash of Innova Coffee

03-09-20 10:30AM Monday Podcast Call: ULECx
celebrates launch team of 100 Market Partners

03-16-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call featuring BHM
Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

03-16-20 10:30AM Monday Podcast Call: COVID-19
Prayer Survey results

03-23-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call
Grace Klein Community Food Shortage Petition

03-23-20 10:30AM Monday Podcast Call COVID-19
Update Victor Brown Birmingham Business Alliance

03-24-20 Victor Brown Details COVID-19 Resources Available

03-30-20 CARES Act COVID-19 SBA Loans forgiven as Grants

04-06-20 Monday Podcast Call Retail Outlook and Federal Relief is limited

04-13-20 Monday Podcast Call – Federal Deficit and Debt Impact on Business

04-20-20 Monday Podcast Call COVID-19 Wise Counsel

04-28-20 Monday Podcast Call – Annual BHAM Prayers Breakfast

05-04-20 10AM Podcast Call – Re Open Birmingham Prayer prep meeting

05-11-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call – PPP Loan Forgiveness Maximization Workshop

05-18-20 Monday 10AM Podcast Call: Client & Customer retention / PPP headcount rules

05-25-20 10AM Monday Call – Marketing Reach and Capacity of ULECx

05-25-20 Affordable Legal Services

06-01-20 Monday 10AM PodCast Account of COVID-19 Prayers and intro PPP Flexibility Act

06-08-20 10AM Monday Podcast Black business perspective & PPP Flexibility Act of 2020 workshop

06-15-20 10AM Monday Podcast 45 Day Market Watch and Prayer

06-22-20 10AM Monday Podcast STOP the Brand Black Lives Matter

06-28-20 Worship over BLM at Railroad Park Kickoff

06-29-20 10AM Monday Why Marketplace Worship is far more Effective
than Vandalism, Protest, or Marching

07-06-20 Monday 10AM Letter to ULECx Market Partners Six Month Review

07-13-20 Monday 10AM – Prophecy in business with Max Navarro and company

07-20-20 Monday 10AM podcast – Ethnic and God-given identity – State of Small Business in Downtown Bham

07-27-20 Monday 10AM – B’ham office space – where it stands and where it’s going

07-27-20 Monday 10:30AM – Residential real estate – where it stands and where it’s going

08-03-20 Mon 10AM How to Win in Any Economy

08-10-20 10AM Monday Podcast 45 Day Market Watch and Prayer conclusion

08-17-20 Mon 10AM The Bible vs. ‘Black Lives Matter’

08-24-20 Monday 10AM Hiring Applicants with Criminal Records

08-31-20 Monday 10AM Faith and HR Compliance in the Workplace

09-07-20 Monday 10AM Three Greatest Challenges Facing Birmingham Business Leaders Today

09-14-20 Mon 10AM Business As Mission – Intro (part 1 of 6)

09-21-20 Mon 10AM BAM According to Martin & Kayla (part 2 of 6)

09-28-20 Mon 10AM BAM – Financial (part 3 of 6)

10-05-20 10AM Monday  BAM – Environmental Return (part 4 of 6) with Andrew Clark

10-12-20  Mon 10AM – Social return with Dr. Mark Martin of Build Up BAM part 5 of 6

10-19-20  10AM Mon BAM – Spiritual – Dr. Allen Baker III

10-26-20 Mon 10AM Presidential Election Discussion

11-02-20 Mon 10AM Podcast – Pray for the presidential elections

11-09-20 Mon 10AM – Presidential Elections (open forum)

11-16-20 Mon 10AM: On The Job Training Reimbursement

11-23-20 Mon 10AM $20K State Grant Available for AL Small Businesses

11-30-20 Mon 10AM – Revive Plus Alabama Grant Prayer Call

12-07-20 Mon 10AM Impact Conference Reflection

12-14-20 Mon 10AM Impact Conference Reflection

12-21-20 Mon 10AM COVID Christmas Message