Approval Process

This is the formal process of obtaining the blessing and approval of King Jesus for families, groups, and teams according to Matthew 18:15-20.  King Jesus calls this process ‘binding’ and ‘losing’.

  1. binding and losing is the key for access to the unlimited authority and power of King Jesus
  2. the spiritual gift of discernment is central to all prayer
  3. binding and loosing is only applicable to disciples of King Jesus
  4. therefore nonbelievers and Christians need the agreement of disciples in order to enact binding and loosing
  5. moreover, a broad base of deep and meaningful relationships among disciples is also a requirement
  6. all request will be honored so long as the need is according to the Word of God
  7. however the channel of communication matters
  8. Channel of 2: many requests are honored whenever two disciples stand in agreement
  9. Channel of 3: additional request are honored whenever three stand in agreement
  10. Channel of the Church: if a considerable amount of time has gone by and the prayer request has not been answered then take the need to elders of the Church to obtain a greater degree of significance and the request will be answered
  11. Always combine other channels of prayer no matter the status of the request (see Part III – Warfare on this page)