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Thursday Quarterly Market


RSVP required / By invitation only  

Meet to establish a powerful broadcasting infrastructure
that will promote the marketing ambitions of Christian
business leaders in B’ham

About this Event

On behalf of the ULECx Market and Grace Klein Community,
Dr. Kayla L. Briggs and I personally invite you to a preparation
workshop where we will establish a powerful broadcasting
infrastructure. The ULECx Market exists to systematically
cultivate & promote the organizational marketing ambitions
of Christian business leaders in Birmingham, AL.

The ULECx Market activities, including our quarterly gatherings,
create a systematic means of communicating and collaborating.
We broadcast and fulfill the demands of kingdom business leaders
that are engaged in the marketing of:
– events
– ministry
– expansion
– opportunities
– recruitment
– investment
– resources & services
– evangelism & outreach
– new concepts or business launches

Come and hear the good news on how the ULECx Market
will amplify your voice to the audience you desire to reach.


Doors open with praise & worship at 10:30AM

Lunch catered by Brian Schubert of Chick-fil-A McCalla

Dessert by JaWanda Jackson of JaWanda’s Sweet Potato Pies

We thank Bill Slappey and Brad Castro of Omega Tech Property for
hosting the Q320 Quarterly Market at their facility E3 Embassy.



Six feet of physical distancing is highly recommended. Face cover/mask
(nose & mouth) required. Come at your own risk as COVID-19 and
other potential hazards always require a measure of caution and planning.

Thank you for considering our invitation. We hope you can make it.

ULECx Dream Stream Leaders Meeting 08-27-20

RSVP required / By invitation only 


Martin & Kayla Briggs
ULECx Market
Co-Founders & CEOs

Andrew Monroe
ULECx Market
Senior Advisor & Acting Chairman

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