KMBriggs Father’s Fund



Our Vision

KMBriggs Father’s Fund, LLC is a designated investment fund readily available for deployment toward redemptive real estate purposes in Birmingham, AL


Our Mission

Inspired by Joseph the appointed Vizier (Prime Minister) to Pharaoh as chronicled in Genesis 41.  The KMBriggs Father’s Fund, LLC in partnership with the Impact Foundation and National Christian Foundation Alabama seeks to be a storehouse in times of broken economic circumstances.  We mend damage from real estate challenges with the expectation of a significant quadruple rate of return on our investment to include financial, environmental, spiritual, and social returns as prescribed by the framework of Business As Mission (BAM).


Our Strategy 

The Holy Spirit presents redemptive real estate needs through relationships we have developed with various organizations in Birmingham including businesses, social enterprises, and churches.  A clear path of BAM returns must be evident before the allocation of finances will be deployed from the KMBriggs Father’s Fund.

The KMBriggs Father’s Fund is available for the following real estate transaction categories:

  • short term loan or equity position
  • gap funding
  • flip, renovations, remediation, or rehabilitation
  •  land, metaverse, residential and commercial properties

Contact Martin & Dr. Kayla Briggs regarding inquiries for the KMBriggs Father’s Fund, LLC.