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Every Monday at 10AM the ULECx Market host
a weekly podcast call to highlight Events,
Opportunities, Classified, or Resouces
listed on ULECx.com

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IGNITE Birmingham is a weekly podcast providing powerful business revelation for Holy Spirit led entrepreneurs. Every week we discuss people, intelligence, and resources that help keep Birmingham business leaders ahead of the pack. Topics include discipleship, personal development, leadership, finance, investments, hiring, marketing, sales, stewardship, policy, events, IMPACT investing etc. The Ignite Birmingham podcast show is recorded before a live studio audience every Monday at 10AM. Within 12-24 hours of production, the conversation is released as a podcast.

The following are the archive of our weekly IGNITE Birmingham podcast recordings.


01-03-22 Twenty Twenty-Two Happy New Welcome And Prayer Call

01-10-22 Will the Market Crash? // Understanding Shmita // Part 1

01-17-22 Eternal Perspective // Understanding Shmita // Part 2

01-24-22 Nine-Month Economic Forecast // Understanding Shmita // Part 3

BONUS: Q1-22 ULECx Investment Partners Earnings Meeting

01-31-22 Dodging Economic Tornados

02-07-22 Preparing For Massive Profits In A Turbulent Economy

02-14-22 Heaven in Business Discussion

02-21-22 Investment Opportunities Surfacing In A Downward Economy

02-28-22 Russia Ukraine Conflict From A Kingdom Perspective


2020 Monday 10AM Podcast Archive
2021 Monday 10AM Podcast Archive