Keys to the Kingdom


Welcome to the leadership page of Keys to the Kingdom: For the Entrepreneur the Reclaimed Heritage of King David king of kings Ordination Manual.  Let this page serve as the formal archive and record for our kingdom family.


Original Discipleship Small Group February 2021
Day 1 welcome message and leader audio

Day 2 Understanding the difference between the office of king and priest.  Example email and audio

Day 3 Job description of a king.  Example email and detailed audio

Day 4 Intro to Part 2 Heritage.  Example email and Taking Communion Seriously | Sermon by Tony Evans,

Day 5 Seven Laws of a king.  Example email

Day 6 Manner 1 – A king remains in spiritual order.  Example email

Day 7 Manner 2 – A king leads with blind belief and faith in God.  Example email

Day 8 Manner 3 – A king is team-oriented and enjoys loyal friendships