New Market Partner Orientation

Dear New ULECx Market Partner,

On behalf of the soon to be 100 Launch Team
ULECx Market Partners I, Martin A. Briggs
graciously welcome you to the union exchange!


It is our prayer that in due season your
investment of time, energy, and resources into
The ULECx Market will produce the following Four Rewards:

  1. the ability to fulfill your organizations recruitment needs to include part time jobs, careers, and business ventures
  2. create meaningful relationships with suitable buyers of your brand
  3. establish strong relationships with other like minded believers and non-believes alike
  4. and most importantly expand the good news of the joy and love of Jesus Christ to all mankind

As a Market Partner you now represent the company
you work for, your industry, and your local
church as the formal ambassador between those
worlds and The ULECx Market.  Therefore the
Four Rewards are not for you to enjoy for
yourself but also to help other achieve as well.

Your NEXT STEP as a Market Partner is to listen
to the following two conference calls:


Please do not hesitate to Kayla or I should you
have questions regarding new partnership with
The ULECx Market or need support in general


Kayla and Martin Briggs
The ULECx Market


Andrew Monroe
Senior Advisor & Acting Chairman
ULECx Market Partner #00o5