ATC Healthcare Services


ATC Healthcare Services is Alabama’s most reliable source for nurse recruitment and staffing.  Our services include the placement of RNs,LPNs, and related professions to healthcare providers all over Alabama.

Your Service or Product Expertise
We provide on-demand medical staffing services anytime anywhere healthcare is provided. Our nursing staff is fully credentialed, licensed, and experienced to fill short and long term staffing requests at a moment’s notice. As far as we know we manage the largest free-standing labor pool of nurses available in the entire state of Alabama.

Why should you work with me?
We are the strongest available option of placing reliable nurses as quickly as possible in most areas of Alabama.  Call us if you have nursing needs that need to be filled.

What is your passion in business?
My passion is helping people get where they need to go. We’re all looking for the next step in life. For our nurses and clients, it might be the next shift or the next position. Or it could be a conversation that changes everything!

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Church of the Highlands Alabaster

What is your ministry passion?
We are all created in the image of God with a unique combination of attributes and gifts. My passion is helping people identify the things God has given them in abundance with so they can make a difference in their world!