Bama Health Foods


At Bama Health Foods, we are more than a store, we are your community wellness center. We understand living a healthy life isn’t always easy. Life is super busy and demanding. Our Wellness Advocates are here to support your wellness journey.

Your Service or Product Expertise
We educate our community on how to be nourished naturally by God’s medicines. We offer all natural supplements, herbs and healthy food options. We offer one-to-one customer service to build relationships with our customers.

Why should you work with me?
I like to say we are a mission masked as a store, providing wellness education to our community to support improved wellness, so that they can be the best for God’s purpose on their life. Everyone is worthy of good health!

What is your passion in business?
Serving people and educating them on natural ways to be well- mind, body and spirit! God provided everything we need for being well, we just need to learn and get access to those products and services to be out best selves!

Church Information

Church Family
Church of the Highlands Uptown Campus

What is your ministry passion?
Student Ministry – Teens and college