Brighter Day Homes


We Buy, Remodel, and Sell or Rent single family homes throughout the Greater Birmingham area. We help homeowners by providing win-win solutions for unwanted real estate, and provide wonderful housing for tenants and new owners alike.

Your Service or Product Expertise
House buying, selling, remodeling, lending, and real estate coaching.

Why should you work with me?
We are a growing family and life-oriented business that puts quality and integrity first, while operating with a servant’s heart to serve people throughout our community.

What is your passion in business?
Our passion is to turn our city into a more beautiful place by making sad houses happy again, providing quality housing for people, all while creating jobs and commerce for local workers and professionals.

Church Information

Church Family
Church of the Highlands Greystone

What is your ministry passion?
Financial freedom and independence. While always helping to solve the existing problems of sellers, we are also embarking on a mission to coach students starting out in our industry, and will help them build their own legacies.