Cabinets @ Cost, LLC


I built my first frameless cabinet at 12 years old. Over thirty years later, I’m building cabinets for a living. At Cabinets @ Cost, we have a passion for two things people and cabinets.

Your Service or Product Expertise
We serve people. The conduit by which we do that happens to be cabinets.

Why should you work with me?
We aren’t interested in simply building cabinets; we want to build the RIGHT cabinets. The first step in that process is to make sure the customer is educated about their options, regardless of whether their budget is $3000 or $130,000.

What is your passion in business?
Our passion is to serve people well with integrity and a quality product built to last through decades of memories and lives shared.

Church Information

Church Family
Church of the Highlands Grandview

What is your ministry passion?
Outreach. I love to serve people.