Covenant Insurance and Business Planning


Covenant Insurance is an independent life insurance agency specializing in advanced business planning strategies that help business owners through key person protection, executive retention and owner succession planning.

Your Service or Product Expertise
Life Insurance, Key Person Insurance, Executive Benefits, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans, Disability Insurance, Group/Employee Benefits, Business Valuations.

Why should you work with me?
We love to work with business owners who are serious about protecting and securing their most valuable asset. If you’re leading a growing business and want to plan for the future let’s ensure your future includes your best people.

What is your passion in business?
I love to understand what makes the gears of a business turn, and create solutions to help business owners maximize their profits and plan for brighter futures.

Church Information

Church Family
a2 Church

What is your ministry passion?
I’m passionate about seeing people discover and live out their purpose in life. Seeing others succeed is joy for me.