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At Goldwater Bank, we focus our lending services around the individual needs of our clients
With this focus, we can deliver a relationship-centered experience that is truly unique
We offer construction, FHA, USDA, Conventional & VA loans

Your Service or Product Expertise
As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, a designation that fewer than 1% in the industry hold, I bring a holistic approach to your home loan.
Go beyond a rate quote and get a custom plan that enhances your entire financial well-being

Why should you work with me?
Your mortgage is too important to leave to chance
When investing in real estate, you deserve to know exactly how this decision impacts your entire financial profile, and that’s what we deliver.
A quick 10 minute call can start your plan!

What is your passion in business?
My passion is to show clients how their money can work to their advantage and help them create wealth & stability in real estate. Financial literacy is a cornerstone of our practice, equipping our clients for success and stewardship.

Church Information

Church Family
Church of the Highlands Greystone

What is your ministry passion?
I have many, but the one that I advance most through my work is financial literacy. The game of money can be won, but you must know the rules. I give each client a full plan to manage their mortgage and achieve wealth in real estate.