Denmark Properties


Denmark Properties is an investment company that specializes in buying, selling, and Lease Purchasing homes in Birmingham, AL. Our goal is to be a blessing to those wanting to obtain home ownership or needing to sell their current home,

Your Service or Product Expertise
We buy homes as is throughout Birmingham and surrounding areas that are in any shape & condition. We renovate those homes and offer them to our Lease Purchase Clients to help them achieve home ownership through our Lease Purchase Program.

Why should you work with me?
We are passionate about what we do and ultimately just want to help our clients. We help those that are experiencing difficult times by creating win win solutions to help them obtain the dreams of their future.

What is your passion in business?
We pride ourselves in being creative and innovative thinkers to help overcome challenges and obstacles.

Church Information

Church Family
New Rising Star Church

What is your ministry passion?
Antonio Denmark serves on the Community Development Team and Ashley serves on the Media Ministry