JaWanda’s Sweet Potato Pies


JaWanda’s Sweet Potato Pies is a family owned business that relies strongly on their faith for success. Named the #1 Pie Shop in the State of Alabama by USA Today and featured in Southern Living Magazine. Serving “A Taste of Heaven”!

Your Service or Product Expertise
We specialize in sweet potato pies, serving 15 different flavors that include the original, pecan, orange cream cheese and more. Crusty Cream Cheese, Lemon, and Chocolate Pound Cakes along with Peach Cobbler are also highly favored.

Why should you work with me?
I believe this is a time that Heavenly Father has spoken that we strategically network through a covenant connection that He be glorified. Iron sharpens iron.

What is your passion in business?
One of my greatest passions is serving (customer service), and being an example and en-sample. I am a servant that strives to operate in a spirit of excellence.

Church Information

Church Family
House of Prayer Evangelistic (H.O.P.E.) Church 4121 Vanderbilt Road, Birmingham, AL 35217

What is your ministry passion?
My ministry passion is prayer and worship. My ultimate goal is to Exalt the Savior, Evangelize the Sinner, and Equip the Saint. It is all about Him the Lord Jesus Christ!