King Simmons Ford & Spree, P.C.


We represent people victimized by injuries sustained at work and otherwise, and those targeted by unfair employment practices. We view all people as created in God’s image. ALL.

Your Service or Product Expertise

Personal Injury, Workers’ Comp, and Employment Law

Why should you work with me?

We shoot straight, even if our advice is not what you hoped for. We work hard. We understand the fear of being hurt or being fired. And we see inherent value in all people. ALL.

What is your passion in business?

Using our practice of law as a vehicle to make disciples, and to listen for the cry of the needy — and then to do something about that.

Church Information

Church Family

Asbury United Methodist

What is your ministry passion?

As a firm, our passion has become serving the poor and homeless, including monthly cook-outs downtown.