Legacy Legal Services, PC


As a boutique firm, we offer personalized service and individual attention to clients of all ages and lifestyles. Whether you are a young family seeking to develop a comprehensive estate plan, a senior couple interested in asset protection.

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Practice Areas:
Probate, Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts), Guardianship, Elder Law, Asset Protection

Why should you work with me?
Legacy Legal Services was founded by local attorney Brandon Cooper. I grew up here, went to school here and I have raised my families here. Just as you do, we want to help you create a written and organized legacy plan for your loved ones.

What is your passion in business?
To help guide families through the Estate Planning or Probate Process and to share the important and necessary information with them so they can make the best decision to plan for and protect their families. To take control of their futures

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Church of the Highlands Riverchase

What is your ministry passion?
To use my knowledge as an Estate Planning and Probate Attorney to minister to my clients and other families in our community.