Meet Me in Isaiah (YesLife, LLC)


Written 700 years before Jesus, Isaiah 53 gives us a picture of who He is & what He actually did for us. Feeling God’s call to raise awareness of Isaiah 53, Marnie didn’t know where to start, so she ordered t-shirts. The rest is history!

Your Service or Product Expertise
Meet Me in Isaiah offers creative merchandise allowing our customers to “wear the message” of Isaiah 53.

Why should you work with me?
By purchasing our merchandise, you help us cover costs associated with getting the word out about Isaiah 53. By wearing our apparel, you will likely notice new opportunities to share your own faith!

What is your passion in business?
We love to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by creatively promoting Isaiah 53. We want to get the word out, knowing that as God touches hearts, many will meet Jesus in Isaiah.

Church Information

Church Family
Cathedral Church of the Advent

What is your ministry passion?
Our passion is for many to find Jesus through reading Isaiah 53 and discover the peace and joy from life in Him.