Next Door Photos Birmingham


Next Door Photos partners with impact-driven entrepreneurs to launch real estate media companies in North America while creating safe jobs for those who are at-risk globally.

Your Service or Product Expertise
Real estate media services including photos, videos, floor plans, 3D models, aerial media, & floor plans

Why should you work with me?
Most people have to choose between a career that makes them a lot of money OR one that makes a big impact in the world. Local business ownership with Next Door Photos provides an opportunity to do both without compromising the other.

What is your passion in business?
To create 10,000 jobs for people rescued from human trafficking, at risk of exploitation, or in an underemployed area of the world. To use business to transform lives through ownership & job creation.

Church Information

Church Family
BLVD Church

What is your ministry passion?
Discovering God’s love with our neighbors