Sofia’s Travel, LLC


Passion is contagious and so is travel…What better way to share my life-long passion for travel but to embark on a journey of helping others capture the same excitement and joy as I have been able to encounter and appreciate in my own life.

Your Service or Product Expertise
At Sofia’s Travel, LLC we know one size does not fit all, which is why it is essential for one of our Certified Travel Professionals to take the time to build a relationship in order to create a vacation truly unique to YOU.

Why should you work with me?
I have been blessed to have traveled to all 7 Continents, over 100 different countries & far too many cities to list. I have circled the globe countless times via planes, trains, ocean and river cruises. Let’s explore the world together!

What is your passion in business?
Let our own passion for travel and distinct specialized approach open up your imagination to the many different adventures available the world has to offer. Each of our Certified Travel Professionals is an experienced, well-travelled expert

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Church Family
Church of the Highlands Grants Mill

What is your ministry passion?
Marriage Ministry to include Pre-Marital ministry, Marriage in crisis and Marriage Restoration