Syntropy Group


Syntropy Group helps businesses and non-profits grow through data-driven marketing and software solutions.

Your Service or Product Expertise
Syntropy Group provides solutions to accelerate growth with Analytics, Marketing (targeted email and direct mail, digital and social media advertising), and Software (dashboard reporting, refer-a-friend, online application processes).

Why should you work with me?
Syntropy Group’s expertise in analytics will generate superior growth results for your business. The Syntropy Group team will work with your team as true partners.

What is your passion in business?
Syntropy Group’s passion in business is to bring glory to God by helping others to grow, both professionally and personally, by the creative use of what God has blessed us with.

Church Information

Church Family
Meadow Brook Baptist Church

What is your ministry passion?
My personal ministry passion is to bring people to God by knowing and abiding in His love and encouraging others to do the same.