Unstatus Your Quo, LLC


Started in 2008 with Noah Whitaker COO.

Your Service or Product Expertise
Career Assessments and Coaching to help clients find their right career. Includes Christian overlay, latest assessment science, & God-centered coaching. Key component is Career Matching & documentation for 12-24 Strong Overall Fit careers.

Why should you work with me?
Work Re-Entry Client: Discover your God-given gifts to use in the right career for His glory
HS/College Student: Determine right career leading to the right education/training
Career Changer: Make meaningful progress in your right career

What is your passion in business?
Helping people discover the gifts God has given them to use to make a positive impact while growing in the right career for God’s glory.

Church Information

Church Family
The Church at Brook Hills

What is your ministry passion?
Mission work in Egypt.