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Discover Your Best Career Fit & Thrive. At Unstatus Your Quo®, we use the latest career assessment science to help 2nd Chance Employees, Career Changers, and Students discover their best career fit and thrive .

Your Service or Product Expertise
Career Assessments, Coaching and Placement for 2nd Chance Employees, Students, and Career Changers

Why should you work with me?
Use the latest and best Career Assessment science (documented)
Includes Mentor in Strong Overall Fit Career
Coach(s) comes from private sector
Gospel woven throughout the process

What is your passion in business?
Discovering the best careers for and untapped aptitudes in adults, revealing how God has made students, and seeing the parents’ reaction.

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Church Family
The Church at Brook Hills

What is your ministry passion?
Business and Ministry Passions merge (See Business Passion)