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Our goal is simple: to provide a smarter marketing solution that saves you time and money without sacrificing results. Our team is set up to provide a holistic marketing approach for your business.

Your Service or Product Expertise
Your Team will include:
Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Social Media Strategists, SEO/Keyword Specialists, Copywriters,
Data Analysts, and Ads Managers

Why should you work with me?
Dotedison is a business-based agency focused on building a foundation that benefits your business. Rather than sell a one-off product and hope it helps, our agency sticks with you and invests in the success of your business.

What is your passion in business?
Our team truly believes in serving rather than taking. Dotedison aims to provide transparency, integrity, and expertise in an industry that is known for the opposite.

Church Information

Church Family
Mosaic Chapel

What is your ministry passion?
In Birmingham, my mission is to disciple the inner-city youth of Woodlawn. At large, I am called to stand up, fight for, and aid the needs of children who have never known love or their own self-worth.