Movement Birmingham

Many Christian executives and leaders from ministry and business organizations across Birmingham have come together as a united affiliation of members umbrellaed as a single body called Movement Birmingham.



Most are CEOs, Executive Directors, or lead pastors representing various organizations from five strategic sectors

  • prayer leaders
  • civic leaders
  • non-profit leaders
  • pastoral leaders
  • and business leaders

Movement Birmingham Resources released to date as of April 15, 2020:  

Movement Birmingham organizational structure as of 01-27-20

Non-Profit Leaders Christian Covenant

Birmingham Call to Revival Prayer with Al Baker Saturday, February 29th, 2020 recording

03-02-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call: Movement Birmingham

03-16-20 10AM Monday Podcast Call featuring BHM Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Movement Birmingham Call to Revival Prayer – prayer response to COVID-19

04-13-20 Monday Podcast Call – Federal Deficit and Debt Impact on Business

On-going Prayer Request from Movement Birmingham Affiliations (last updated April 22, 2020)

The efforts from Movember Birmingham are aimed at leading the city of Birmingham toward Spiritual transformation and unity.   Please pray with “all supplication in the Spirit” for God to move in our midst and bring healing to a city in need of the Gospel.


More will be shared as we move forward.  Please contact Martin A. Briggs for more information or make contact with Movement Birmingham


Logos for use