Onboard Liaison

1) Create a strong relationship

2) Tour ULECx.com
quantity of Market Partners
our four core values
we are an exchange of relationships, money, resources, intelligence = ability take risk)
how we exchange – Listing Events, Opportunities, Resources, Advertisement

3) 10 Benefits to UXMPs – superhighway – marketing – machine
– community ULECx is in fact a market just like any market must have a healthy mix of vendors. You are unique
– formally joining into a relationship with the entire faith & business community of Birmingham
– Dedicated emails to ULECx Market Partners including hidden insight and favorable offers
– 10AM Monday podcast call
– Quarterly Markets on the second Thursday of each quarter
– social media
– UXMP Groupme
– Weekly Email Newsletter
– Marketing database (over 1,000 subscribers)
– UXMP Onboard Liasion

4) Enroll ULECx.com/register password is Havilah

We are here to assist you take your next step

Dream Streams
1) Investment – Lori Chambers of Hope International
2) Ministry and/or Regional Collaboration – Natalie Spronk and Jenny Waltman of Grace Klein Community
3) Top Line – Sydney Murphy of dotedison Marketing, Jarred Varner of Timeless Roofing Solutions, and Paul Todd of Today’s Medicare Solutions
4) Health & Wellness – Lynda J Ratliff of HomeFit Consulting
5) Workforce recruitment and development – Andy Blake of WorkFaith Birmingham


Additional UXMP Onboard / Orientation information: 

  • Every first Thursday there will be a virtual onboard at 10AM using UberConference.com/ULECx
  • Every third Thursday of the month there will be an in-person onboard at the ULECx Office Studio 
  • Onboard Liaisons must listen to this recorded message, attend an orientation, and then observed  before officially being certified as a UXMP Onboard Liason   
  • The ULECx Market will reimburse liaisons for meals taken with prospective prospects so long as the prospect does in fact join as a Market Partner up to $20 per prospect
  • At present we are not actively enrolling: insurance agents, financial advisors, anything related to real estate, coaches, trainers, or roofers
  • Order lunches for in-person orientation from Brian Schubert of Chick-fil-A McCalla

Please note details of this program are certainly subject to change.