Director of Spiritual Growth


Compensation: Volunteer

Commissions or Bonuses Available: No

Travel Required: None

Skills Required:
-Successful in profession
-Networks with others (breadth and depth)
-Resourceful/creative problem solver
-Time availability
-Willing to be an ambassador

Compensation Information: The Board shall not receive any compensation in exchange for services rendered as a Board member. The Board may however, adopt a resolution providing for reimbursement to Board members for reasonable expenses incurred as a result of attendance at a meeting of the Board or for any contributions put forth for the formation of the Corporation.

Job Type: Coaching, Financial

Schedule: Flexible

Time Commitment: Part Time

Work Setting: Non-profit/Charity

Minimum Education Required: High School or Less

Required Certifications or Licenses:

Minimum Relevant Experience: 3+ Years

Additional Details:
Board Expectations:
Each Board member is expected to…
Be passionate about the cause and effects of Provisioned Ministries
Pray in advance of each Board meeting, asking God what His desires are for each meeting and how they individually are called to represent that desire
Lay down their personal agendas during each Board meeting and surrender themselves fully before the Lord, that His will truly be done in and through them in service to the ministry
Continually grow in their listening prayer life knowing that the greatest service they can bring to the Board is an empty vessel for the wisdom of God to flow through.
Give on average between 3 and 5 hours a month in service; “service” will be specific to each Board role, but generally, staying up to date on the ministry by monitoring the shared folder and staying in touch with the President on a regular basis
NOT serve on more than 3 boards at any given time
Attend at least 75% of our Board meetings (except for face-to-face meeting, we will typically meet via Google Hangouts)
Personally give financially to Provisioned Ministries on a regular basis (annually or monthly). There will be no set amount, but financial support from the Board is integral to our success
All male board members shall meet the same requirements as those of an Overseer of the Church, as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:2-12 and Titus 1:6-9 (for men). All female board members shall meet the same requirements as the wife of an overseer, as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:11, as well as of the Proverbs 31 woman (Proverbs 31:10-31)
Be in a strong, personal financial state; this will typically be on the honor of Board members and will not be inquired upon unless there is reason to believe there is an issue. However, it is the responsibility as leaders of a financial organization is to keep images clean in this area.
NOT be an employee of Provisioned Ministries
Attend mandatory, face to face annual meeting

Board Responsibilities:
Adhere to the Bylaws (voting, hiring, etc.)
Protect the legal entity
Ensure implementation of sound operating policies and procedures
Support proper marketing and public awareness of the ministry
Monitor appropriate funding and donor relations
Promote the appropriate growth and development of the ministry
Protect the vision, mission, and values of the ministry