Front Office/Data Manager


Compensation: Salary

Commissions or Bonuses Available: No

Travel Required: None

Skills Required: First and
foremost, we are looking for an organized and
detail-oriented dreamer who wants to see God’s
kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. Our
mission is critical to Birmingham and its most
vulnerable residents, low-income youth, so applicants
must have a desire to serve the community and make
an eternal difference day in and out. People skills,
especially with low-income constituents, is an absolute
must. Technical skills, too, are pretty important…see below:

Must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite and
comfortable learning new software systems for tracking
student data.

 Knowledge of computers, networking, and office practices.

 High level of accuracy in data entry and management.

 Administrative skills to interpret county and state
policies governing enrollment/withdrawal, attendance,
immunizations, and health records.

 Communication skills to communicate with school
personnel, students, parents, and outside agencies.

 Computer skills to install new software and hardware
and to troubleshoot software and minor
hardware problems. Manual skills for cleaning and minor repair of equipment.

 Ability to perform common arithmetical functions.

 Software/word processing skills for data entry, reporting,
word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and
PowerSchool program.

 Uses discretion to structure tasks to meet expectations and
prioritizes to meet deadlines.

 Keeps information confidential.

 Needs limited supervision and is able to work independently
and as a part of a team.

 Uses initiative in carrying out recurring assignments independently
without specific instructions.

 Able to make decisions and solve problems with school data
and information provided.

Compensation Information: Compensation will be commensurate to
skillset, background experience, and fit for job.

Job Type: Construction, Education

Schedule: Days

Time Commitment: Full Time

Work Setting: Academic/Education

Minimum Education Required: High School or Equivalent

Required Certifications or Licenses: Job Responsibilities include:
Primary function is in school operations as a
front office manager, serving as the first stop
for Build UP parents, students, and stakeholders
who are interacting with the school. This includes,
but is not limited to, answering the primary phone
line, responding to email and website queries, and
maintaining orderly and structured engagement procedures.
Additionally, some of the data-focused
responsibilities are below:

1. Enters and manages student data in the Student
Information System (SIS), including enrollments, withdrawals,
student/teacher/room schedules, transcripts, test scores,
immunizations, demographics, etc.

2. Monitors the entry of attendance and grades by teachers
into SIS. Monitors student absences for correct excused/unexcused
coding. Prepares student absence lists and daily absence bulletin.
Maintains student sign-in/sign-out logs, based upon directions from
principal. Corresponds with parents concerning student absences and
tardiness, including attendance letters per school district procedures.
Directs teachers concerning attendance
procedures and policies.

3. Employs the SIS program to generate reports to
satisfy the requirements of Build UP, school administrators,
local and state government, law enforcement and health agencies.

4. Oversees student entry and withdrawal from the
school. Enrolls new students throughout the
year. Enters basic student and demographic
information. Processes arriving student’s
cumulative records. Prepares cumulative records
for departing students. Withdraws
departing student from SIS. Maintains files of
arriving/departing students’
cumulative records. Copies and sends cumulative
records for withdrawing students and
maintains a log of students who entered and
departed the school throughout the year.
Provides home room assignments and schedules
(Exception for grades 9-12: high school
counselors develop schedules for newly enrolling students).

5. Collects data for and prints marking period report cards.

6. Requests cumulative records for new students
and sends cumulative records upon request for
exiting students. Manages student cumulative
records according to federal (FERPA) and
district policies and procedures. (Exception for
grades 9-12: other clerical staff may be
responsible for records duties at the discretion
of the principal).

Minimum Relevant Experience: Entry Level

Additional Details: n/a