Summer Camp Counselor


Compensation: Weekly Stipend

Commissions or Bonuses Available: No

Travel Required: Overnight summer camp

Skills Required: As a counselor at Camp 1:27 you will be responsible for:

Assuming responsibility for safety of campers;
Follow camp objectives, rules, policies, and guidelines;
Engaging with campers as a group and one-on-one;
Assisting staff with all camp activities;
Serving as a positive role model for youth;
Being punctual and organized;
Problem solving through situations and seeking assistance when necessary;
Participating enthusiastically;
Following directions;
Working to ensure all campers are comfortable, safe, and included;
Knowing where campers are at all times;
Performing other duties as assigned;
Having fun;
And, most importantly, showing campers the love of Christ.

Compensation Information: Counselors will get paid $200 per week (excluding training week)

Job Type: Counseling Services, Education

Schedule: Overnight summer camp

Time Commitment: Full Time summer camp counselor

Work Setting: Non-profit/Charity/Ministry

Minimum Education Required: High School or Equivalent

Required Certifications or Licenses: n/a

Minimum Relevant Experience: Entry Level

Additional Details:
Please visit this flyer for complete details including work schedule

The Counselor has a huge role at Camp 1:27. Counselors have a tremendous opportunity to lead and be an example for all the children. Counselors will be responsible for four campers. They will guide the campers to every activity and participate in the activity. Counselors are also responsible for leading Bible study, devotion, prayer, worship, and investing their lives into the campers.

Who do we want for counselors? We want Christian young men and women to serve as counselors. Ideally the counselor is a college student who loves the Lord and loves children. The counselor must be willing to invest their hearts and time into the campers. To apply for a position click here. (Note: We need 16 counselors this summer, 8 males and 8 females.)

Not in college? Still want to serve at Camp 1:27? Apply for our junior counselor position. Junior counselors will work alongside counselors in leading and guiding the campers. They are to be high school students that love the Lord and children. If you want to serve at Camp 1:27 this summer, apply online