2021 Birmingham World Games

The 2021 Birmingham World Games has been quoted as having the potential to be the single greatest event to bring about significant economic development and international awareness to Birmingham, Al.

The 10 Day event scheduled for July 15 – 25, 2021 is expected to draw an attendance of 100,000 fans from all over the world and 1000 athletes from more than 30 countries.  The stage production is estimated at $50 million and the total economic impact is over $250 million.  The ULECx Market has an active interest in the presence of life-giving valued-added outreach surrounding the event as well as investment opportunities to bring about spiritual and financial return.   Please contact Martin A. Briggs should you have ideas that will help bring synergy to our two interests in the 2021 World Games.

Between February 2020 and through the event the ULECx Market will host several calls to provide updates and disseminate information regarding our developments.  They will be listed on this page as time moves forward

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