Birmingham second most Bible-Minded city in America

Insightful Fact: Birmingham / Anniston / Tuscaloosa region is the 2nd most Bible-Minded Cities in America according to Barna

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Barna a leading research organization states

We live in an age when the Bible is
read and understood very differently in cities
across the country. So how exactly do Americans
from each region interact with the Bible? In the
annual Bible-Minded Cities report, in partnership
with American Bible Society, Barna explores how
Bible engagement plays out regionally in the United
States. The study, based on interviews with 76,505
adults over a 10-year period, shows how people in
the nation’s 100-largest media markets view and
use the Bible.


Birmingham / Anniston / Tuscaloosa, AL ranked #2 behind Chattanooga, TN with nearly 50% of those surveyed having ‘Bible engagement’ 



What Is a Bible-Minded City?
Each year, Barna and American Bible Society
rank the nation’s top media markets based on
their level of Bible engagement. Individuals
considered to be Bible-minded are those who
report reading the Bible in the past week and who
strongly assert the Bible is accurate in the
principles it teaches. This definition captures
action and attitude—those who both engage and
esteem the Christian scriptures. The rankings
thus reflect an overall openness or resistance
to the Bible in various U.S. cities. Nationally,
only 25 percent of the population is
considered Bible-minded.


2017 Bible-Minded Cities, Barna Group Inc.



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This resource has been listed by ULECx Market Partner Martin A. Briggs CEO/President of the ULECx Market