Our Vision

About Us

ULECx is pronounced ‘u x’

Welcome to The ULECx Market!  We are a unity of Birmingham Alabama business leaders who have a shared love for God and all people.

The ULECx Market is a communication super highway  to establish synergistic business relationships within the Birmingham, AL market place.

We are Market Partners committed to helping you successfully conduct business through an exchange of relationships and resources. Each Market Partner is dedicated to serving in a spirit of excellence while promoting a culture of joy in our community.

Ambition = It

The ULECx Market is an exchange that list and broadcast the ambitions of the Birmingham business community.  We refer to these ambitions as It

Share It here!  It’s all HERE!

What’s your It?

Are you an employer seeking talent or perhaps you are looking for a career?  Maybe you need help establishing a relationship with a reputable vendor. Perhaps you’ve launched a new idea or business and want to broadcast your message.  Whatever your It… we can help you get  It connected and promoted so you can accomplish your ambitions faster and in a more significant manner. The ULECx Market is an organization dedicated to the sole purpose of strategic communication 
and connections for the Birmingham, AL market place.  We help to establish relationships between suppliers and consumers that have a high probability of adding value and synergy to both parties. We accomplish the endeavor of establishing market place synergy through the following methods:
  • broadcasting relevant messages and invitations to targeted demographics
  • organizing niche small group gatherings in person and over conference calls
  • sending strategic private introduction messages to individuals that we feel could benefit from knowing each other
  • listing pertinent market place information on the ULECx.com communication board and other social media platforms

The ULECx Market Promise

The executive team of The ULECx has a commitment to only send messages and establish relationships that we feel have a very high probability of adding synergy to both the supplier and consumer of the parties we are attempting to connect.  Our prayer is that your life is enhanced and enriched by the messages we direct message (DM) or broadcast to you. enclosure  Wow, that was a mouth full! Thanks for reading up on us. That’s good enough for you to know for now but do read further if you desire to understand The ULECx Market in a more comprehensive manner. Jesus states in the Bible that the law of a fulfilling life begins with love for God and for people. In other words a community of people committed to loving God and all people will find success in any endeavor they put their hands to. Each ULECx Market Partner is a business leader who is committed to the following core four values:

We believe living a life and leading our businesses centered on these four core values invokes a greater presence of God in our community and economy in general. In turn, we can expect miracles in our city that surpass anything we could possibly imagine. 100% of the content found on the ULECx web site is personally published by one of our Market Partners. The ULECx.com web site serves as a communication board that circulates information regarding the market supply and demand of the Birmingham Alabama business community.  We express these ongoing concerns through the production of the following five services:

  1. Events Page – a listing of every business-related community event, workshop, or conference held in Birmingham
  2. Opportunity Page – listing part-time jobs, careers, apprenticeships, and vetted entrepreneurial endeavors
  3. Classifieds Page – featuring attractive products and services available for sale due to special circumstances
  4. Resource Page – a comprehensive bank of insightful information available for your enrichment
  5. Directory Page – listing all ULECx Market Partners contact information

Please reach out to any of our business Market Partners to discuss general inquiries about The ULECx Market or their business and ministry purposes in general.